Welcome to Training Camp!

Wecome to training camp! Let me tell you about the crazy past few days we’ve been having…

Our adventure started with a “Super Fun Envelope #1” leading us on a journey through Atlanta public transit and onto the streets where we had to lug our bags to Safehouse. Safehouse is a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta that provides so much more than just a place to sleep or food to eat. They offer help and respect and hope for the people who walk through their door. On our first night together, our team walked throughout downtown Atlanta to pray over the people and the city. It was hot and humid and we were sweaty and tired and most of us (me included) just wanted to crawl into our bed and get some good sleep. That never stopped my amazing team from from pouring God’s love over the city and the people! I was a little aprehensive and nervous, but God totally met me where I was lacking and provided the courage to actually walk up to a strange man in the park and say to him, “I am supposed to talk to you and I want to hear your story.” If you know anything about me, that is so far out of my comfort zone I might as well have landed on the moon… I had not even been here a day and already God was proving He is  bigger than my fears and He will use ME for HIS glory! How amazing is that?!
The next few days have been spent at the Adventures in Missions’ official training camp a little ways outside of Atlanta. I came into this expecting to do the whole “church camp” thing and to bide my time until it was time to get on the plane and go. I thought it was only once we were in Cambodia that I would feel God move in powerful and amazing ways. God loves to surprise me. He started moving the very first night we were here! I can feel it throughout our whole team. He has put this group of women together for a very specific purpose and I could not be surrounded by better women to serve and serve with. Already, God has shown me that this is exactly where He has me planned to be and this is exactly what He knows I should be doing. Just this morning, I was feeling discouraged and felt like I didn’t deserve to be here because I wasn’t a “good enough” Christian. God knew this was an attack from the enemy and He spoke truth to one of my team leaders. In the midst of my doubts and fears, she came up to me and spoke His truth. She told me how God had spoken to her and she needed to tell me that my passion and heart for this was just what God had intended for my life. Can we all agree that was no coincidence? Can we all agree the God we serve moves in our lives and truly cares and loves each and every one of us? I have been blown away by the power and grace and love that is our God. Our God, the one who created the heavens and the earth, the one who raised people from the dead, the one who took the ultimate sacrifice for us, would see little me and meet me where I needed Him. PRAISE THE LORD!
Please continue to pray for unity among our team and safe travels as we begin to travel to and eventually arrive in Cambodia. Please be praying for strength and protection. This is both physical and mental and emotional. The enemy has already shown me that he is not happy and he wants to destroy the good and the hope that comes with trusting fully in God. Just lift up a word of praise to the God that loves us unconditionally and has set us free from our bondage! Again I say, PRAISE THE LORD!

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