Worship (I love you more)

Again I find myself writing about worship.
Just a few weeks back I posted a blog about Christians living a lifestyle of worship and how imperative that is to our spiritual health.
Even now as I attempt to write about ministry this week, I'm brought back to this theme, and duly so, as I believe more and more every day that at the root of all the ministry I could write about is worship.

I could write about the strangeness of feeling drained and void this week, and what God taught me through that.  Prayer that worshipped God restored me to life.
I could write about going out to a bar and ministering to one of the girls that works there.  Worshipful conversation about pains and troubles in our lives followed by encouragement for the future brought hope.  Living out hope is worship.
I could write about the anxiousness that has begin to set in knowing we will be home in two weeks.  Realizing that I worship the Lord the same whether in Cambodia or Wisconsin gives me perspective of how constant He is, and this brings me to worship.
When I worship, I feel right.
When I worship, I feel whole.

Because worship points at God alone.  It points at love, healing, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and abundant life.  It points at our salvation through Christ.  
But worship is not something that should always be a result of something else.  Worship isn't always my excitement after singing my heart out, or realizing something profound about God after reading the word, or responding to a blessing He's given me.

Worship lately has consisted in choosing it.  I desire to worship God, so I will sing to him.  I choose to worship God so I go to the Word to see Him more clearly.  I choose to worship God before He gives me another blessing.
God loved me before I loved Him, and I want to respond to that with worship.
It makes me want to play a sort of "I love you more!" game with God of serving each other like overly-sweet couples do.
However, again I realize that this is a game that God has already won, and I am again brought to worship.

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