You are worthy.

I wanted to start off with telling a story of my plane ride here to Atlanta, where my journey has begun.  As I walked on the plane, there was a little girl sitting in my seat, she obviously wanted the window. I was okay with that 🙂 Her eyes lit up when I assume that she realized the stranger sitting next to her was a small girl instead of a large hairy man.  Her name was Kayla, she had dark hair and dark eyes and was all of 8 years old.  She asked me why I had tennis shoes strapped to my bag, I told her I was going on an adventure. She wanted to come but I told her no ONLY because there was no room left in my bag.  She was okay with that though, she was going to her grandmas house and she told me “grandmas house is a ‘aventure’ too. We do all kinds of stuff.”
We colored in her coloring book for the remaining flight to Atlanta.  After a very shaky landing she looked up at me and smirked, “woahh that was an ‘aventure’.” I couldn’t help but laugh at how she was saying it. I helped her get her backpack on and saw her meet up with her dad a few rows up. She turned around and waved bye to me.  I couldn’t help but think to myself that the Lord chose her, and innocent little girl full of joy, to sit in my seat. 

That is how it is supposed to be… a young girl full of laughter & life.  

Today men, women and children all over the world are trafficked and sold. God has broken our hearts to reach out in love to them and fight the sex trade in Cambodia.  When I arrived on Toccoa Falls college campus for training, I felt as though I was readyfor this.  I was prepared to be lifted up, I was prepared to be so spiritually strong that nothing I encountered in Cambodia would be able to tear me down.  Ohh how wrong I was, God has the power to shake my world when HE desires to shake it.  For the first time, in a long time, I felt unable. I felt scared. I feel unequipped. Those are not the words I expected to describe me as I prepare for this journey, but those are the words that God chose. Even through all the tears, I am here. I am standing strong in the fact that I have a specific purpose on this team of 7 women going out into Cambodia. 

“Sometimes we just need 20 seconds of courage,” is a phrase that has been said over and over again throughout training camp this week. 20 seconds of extreme courage in particular situations to share the love we are called to share.  Well, I’ve learned this week that it isn’t going to be just 20 seconds of courage. 
For me… it’s going to be 2 months of insane courage.
Tomorrow I will be getting on a plan that will…eventually…lead me to the land of Cambodia.  I am leaving behind a community of family, friends, a sweet boyfriend, and the beautiful sunshine state.   I am also leaving behind a bed to sleep on, a hot shower to wash, and communication that sometimes seemingly holds my world together.  If I could pick words to describe me at this moment, I would choose:
         & still unequipped.
HE will readily equip those who have been called.  Pray, pray, and pray for my team and I as we enter the land of Cambodia for the first time. Pray for the used, abused and broken women we encounter in our days there. 

Departing with fear and anticipation but faith carries me, Lauren